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sábado, noviembre 28, 2015

My latest works

 I've been working with many different projects and here I show some of them. I hope you like them :)


viernes, marzo 01, 2013

Hello! This is what I've been doing lately! I hope u like it! btw u can visit my new blog in Tumblr! www.cattberry.tumblr.com

Hola! Esto es lo que he estado haciendo ultimamente! Espero que os guste! Por cierto, podéis entrar ya en mi nuevo blog en Tumblr: www.cattberry.tumblr.com 

viernes, septiembre 14, 2012


viernes, mayo 25, 2012

trees... árboles...

martes, enero 17, 2012

Selbu taake (fog in Selbu)

The other day there was a lot of fog so as soon as I woke up I took the camera and went outside to take pictures! it was really amazing! here you can see some of the results

lunes, enero 16, 2012

Mer om Norge (more about Norway)

Hey people, it's been a while since I haven't post anything. Now I'm living in a little town called Selbu, and here you can see some of the pictures I've been taking during the christmas (Jul in norwegian)

I hope you like them! Thanks! Tusen takk :)

Juletre means Christmas Tree

lunes, octubre 03, 2011

mer om norge (more about norway) 2011


lunes, septiembre 19, 2011

down for so goddamn long


Buenas! he estado desconectada bastante desde mi llegada a noruega! pero aqui os entrego algunos de los trabajillos que he estado realizando en estas gelidas tierras! espero que os gusten! besosss

Hey! I have been out for too long since I came to Norway! but here I publish some of the new projects I have been working in these frozen lands! enjoyyyy

some panoramics:

Pics from Major Parkinson, an amazing band from Bergen:

singing flowers...

domingo, abril 03, 2011

domingo, febrero 27, 2011

Fanzine Collaborations

Estoy trabajando en este montaje para el Fanzine "Interruptor", a ver qué os parece! Solo se pueden utilizar los colores blanco, negro y amarillo, y el tema es "insntinto infantil"

This is for a collaboration with the Fanzine "Interruptor", the topic is "children instinct" and we are only allowed to use black, white and yellow! Tell me what do you think

viernes, febrero 25, 2011

tales... alice... follow me

estos son algunos de los últimos trabajos que he estado realizando... espero que os gusten!

these are some of my latest works... I hope u like!

lunes, octubre 11, 2010


hello everyone! I created a new blog with experimental things!but I am doing so many experiments that I am almost posting everything there! check it out! click on Alice, she will take you there! http://xgrrey.blogspot.com

viernes, octubre 08, 2010


these are some funny works I do when I have free time